About Us

Our main job is to provide coordination services for health travelers.

Who Are We?

We are a medical tourism agency located in the city of Torreón, Coahuila. We know that traveling to a city for medical treatment, whether surgical or not, is difficult, so we want to make your trip as pleasant as possible. We have agreements with the best doctors and hospitals, renowned for their location and facilities.

Our job is to provide the link or bridge to the patient from the home country and destination country. We take care of logistics and, in many ways, peace of mind. We take care of airport pickup and dropoff, communication with both the clinic and medical professionals that will care for you, hotel and recovery center accommodations, transportation to and from medical appointments, pre-travel requirements, communication with your family if requested and follow-up care upon arrival home to ensure that you had a positive experience. We take you through every step of your journey and help with the adaptation to being in another country. We act on your behalf every step of the way and ensure you are taken care of during your medical tourism experience.

The doctors and hospitals who work together with us are among the most prestigious, we want your trip to meet all your expectations at a low cost, taking care of patient safety and quality in the services offered.  

Mission & Vision

  • Our mission: To offer to the National and Foreign public, that seeks services for health and well-being, assistance in the attractive alternatives of medical and tourist services, with high quality of professionals, by packages of their needs, safe transport, the pleasant and the protection of your privacy, and satisfying our clients with everything necessary for the improvement of their health and well-being.  
  • Our vision: Be internationally known in the medical tourism industry as a specialist integration services provider, by partnering with private institutions in providing excellent customer service for your medical treatment needs and wellness programs.