Why Guatemala?

The country of Guatemala is full of diversity, beauty, culture and attractive health and wellness treatments available to the international patient. With its central location, Guatemala is a destination with state of the art technology, internationally trained physicians and vast variety of tourism.

Health Tourism is a modern alternative to traditional tourism and Guatemala offers excellent medical treatments and programs for a better quality of life. Throughout history, Guatemala has offered high quality medical services. The costs of treatments are up to 70% less than in other countries due to the exchange rate of the US Dollar to the local currency.

Guatemala’s health care sector is comparatively larger than that of Southern Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras, which has produced a category of patients who find it convenient to travel to Guatemala for medical and dental procedures.


Implantology returns aesthetics and masticatory function safely and efficiently. It focuses on replacing missing teeth with titanium roots, to restore aesthetics and masticatory function. Implants are the right choice for any patient, from 18 years old and up, missing one tooth, some teeth, or even all of their teeth due to injury, defects, disease or decay. There are different techniques.
High precision root canal treatments. Area focused on treating pain and infection of the dental pulp to save teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted.
Various aesthetic systems to create a perfect smile. It focuses to align and straighten the position of teeth for better grip, to improved aesthetics, malocclusion, prevent and/or correct joint problems; optimizing the direction of stress, to prevent wear and broken teeth.
Oral Rehabilitation & Esthetics
Beauty and function for a better smile Oral rehabilitation and aesthetic brings back the function to the masticatory system which has been mostly harmed by cavities and teeth extraction.
Healthy teeth and gum. It focuses on restoring health to the supporting tissues of the tooth (bone and gum). The diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis (gum disease) are treated; also aesthetic and functional problems such as gum recession are treated by placing grafts.
Maxillofacial Surgery
Minimally oral invasive surgery. Corrects problems such as deformities, diseases and teeth that need to be removed. Likewise jaw problems are treated jointly with the area of Orthodontics.

How to get to Guatemala

Most flights to Guatemala are routed through a few US hub cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and New York.

 You’ll also find several non-direct options via San Salvador (with Taca) and Mexico City (Aeroméxico and Interjet).


What to do in Guatemala?

Guatemala is a country filled with beautiful sights, rich culture, friendly people, amazing food, and outdoor adventures. It should absolutely be on your travel wish list, and when you come here these are the some places you absolutely must visit. 1. Lake Atitlan. 2. Tikal. 3. Volcan Tajumulco. 4. Semuc Champey. 5. Antigua. Also Santa Teresita Hot Springs Hotel and Spa is a great place where you can relax and also carry the Pre and Post Operative recovery process.

Because the majority of the country’s most popular attractions are inland, most travelers don’t make it to Guatemala beaches. But if you have the time, and want to explore the road less traveled, the beaches of Guatemala are a great choice.


The cultural diversity of Guatemala is evident even in their cuisine. From the history of this Central American state, we can trace why there are several different tastes in their dishes, mainly from the Mayan and Spanish influences, in addition to the contemporary contributions of Guatemala’s very own.

In the Guatemalan meals the most common ingredients are beans and corn, prepared in plenty of recipes; but also cow meat, chicken, turkey and other animals (like deer, armadillo, iguana and spotted cavy), which form a part of a good table

The most traditional dishes are: jocón (green broth of chicken with potatoes and chayote), pepían (mayan curry), kaq’ik (indigenous dish of spices, vegetables and turkey) and bananas in mole (prepared with chocolate, sesame and cinnamon).

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